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Red Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Death

Posted on May 27th, 2012

Recently, a study from Harvard University researchers discovered that red meat consumption is linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular and cancer death. The results also showed that when other healthy protein sources (examples: fish, poultry, nuts, and legumes) are consumed instead of red meat, there was a lower risk of death, ranging from 7% for fish to 19% for nuts. The New York Times (3/13, Bakalar, Subscription Publication) reports, "The increased risks linked to processed meat, like bacon, were even greater: 20% over all, 21% for cardiovascular disease and 16% for cancer." This study also looked into chronic disease risk factors such as age, body mass index, physical activity, family history of heart disease, and major cancers.

Red meat, especially processed meat, contains ingredients that have been linked to higher risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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