About Us

Our Health Mission

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 The mission of the Healthy Heart Community Prevention Project is to promote heart health and to eliminate disparities associated with cardiovascular disease in vulnerable communities.  We aim to improve public health of communities by providing reliable and accessible health educational resources, engaging in community-based participatory research and collaborative partnerships, advocating for community empowerment and self-determination, and assisting with program development and training.

Our Health Vision


 We believe in providing good quality evidence-based health information to educate individuals, families and community groups about their health, to decrease their risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.  Healthy families lead to healthy communities and good quality of life.

Our Health Story


The Healthy Heart Community Prevention Project, Inc. is a 501C3 tax exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Louisiana, 2002.  In 1994 the Project was initially conceived as a 1-yr pilot program funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute through the National Medical Association’s (NMA) Healthy People 2000 Program to serve as a model for primary cardiovascular risk reduction and community-based health screening and intervention in the New Orleans African American community.   The program coordinated by Dr. Daphne Ferdinand, enlisted the support of local NMA physicians, various community agencies, and volunteers which blossomed into a coalition to lead and implement the Project.

The Healthy Heart developed multiple program activities within a year starting with a phenomenal kickoff activity conducting health screenings at the annual Bayou Classic football game. 



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