Claire Mortimer


Claire Mortimer, CVRN-BC, BSN, CRAT, is a board certified cardiovascular nurse presently working in the Touro Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, and holds licensure in the states of Louisiana and Virginia. As a nurse for 44 years, Ms. Mortimer has practiced nursing in a number of locations such as Washington D.C., Virginia, and the Bahamas. With a particular focus as cardiac nurse of 36 years, Ms. Mortimer is passionate about caring for patients that have weathered cardiac events.

In addition to her work as a critical care nurse, as a certified BLS Instructor, Ms. Mortimer enjoys preceptorship, mentoring, and operating as a nurse educator for patients and staff. Ms. Mortimer is an ongoing and never ending community volunteer with memberships in a plethora of organizations including: AHA, ANA, PCNA, DUPON, AACVPR, LACPVR, NOBNA, NODNA and AKA.