Lloyd Dennis


Lloyd Dennis is an accomplished  self taught photographer who has published nationally and internationally. He owns one of the most respected photography and video production companies in the region, Lloyd Dennis Photography & Video, and now Dennis Enterprises and Publishing. Since 1993 he has written a weekly "Love Doctor" column in Data Newsweekly  concerning relationships, children, and community. For the last seven years, he and co-host Paul Beaulieu have hosted "Between The Lines", a talk show about issues, problems and solutions. His life-long experiences with young people led him to co-found the "Silverback Society" an organization seeking to provide and coordinate  mentoring of eight grade boys in an effort to inspire them to become men who have the capacity to provide for and protect their children.

Since the Storm he has produced several documentaries about Katrina’s impact: “Coming Home” a film to help people make better choices about the how and when of returning, “Education In Exile” about the young people who returned to New Orleans leaving schools in places where they were treated like refuges and “Renaissance Village” about the plight of those who survived the storm to live in the largest FEMA trailer camp outside of Baton Rouge. He has contributed to the conversation about education reform in New Orleans by producing “A History of Public Education in New Orleans” in conjunction with historian Al Kennedy. Most recently Lloyd has accepted the challenge from local business leaders to work full time to accelerate the vision of the Silverback Society to full scale where every little boy in elementary school in New Orleans will experience the mentors and the Manhood Role, Responsibility and Respect curriculum of the Silverback Society.